At West Lodge there are three and a half miles of nature trails taking you through woods and meadows and by streams and ponds of our conservation award winning farm. With many glades making an ideal spot for a country picnic.

For those interested in nature or the budding biologist, there is a wildlife board at the entrance to point out whats out and about that week. If you are lucky and keen eyed you may even see signs of the deer, foxes, badgers and other wildlife that live around the farm.

However be prepared for an adventure, as the woods not only contain a wide range of wildlife and historic reminders of years gone by, but also a fun interactive sculpture trail aimed at the children.


Farm Park boundary


Car Park

Caterpillar Tunnel

A woven living caterpillar tunnel the gate way to the nature trails.

Caterpillar Gulley

A beautiful sheltered walk within an old ironstone quarry. See many wildflowers, orchids and butterflies along the trail. You may also spot many nesting songbirds, frogs and newts in the ditch, rabbit holes, fox holes and many footprints.

Bombsite Field

There is a path within the wildflower grassland strip around this field that provides some beautiful walks and views.

Fossil Fill

A stone spiral sculpture in the shape of an ammonite fossil. Placed by the bombsite field as due to past mining here it is now a fossil hunters paradise with recent findings including dinner plate size ammonites and dinosaur bones.

Osier Beds

A traditionally managed willow coppiced woodland sited on the banks of Harpers Brook, a great habitat for woodland wildflowers, butterflies and small woodland birds. With beautiful winding trails leading to the wildlife ponds.

The Troll Bridge

Take care as three trolls have been sighted living under one of the bridges crossing the stream. The trolls have no manners and will pop up at any second in an attempt to frighten the bravest visitor.

Wildflower Meadow

If you like to find wild flowers the woods and meadows have been managed to create a wide variety of flowers including orchids, vetches and honeysuckle.

Wildlife Ponds

A rich habitat where you might see dragonflies and damsel flies, frogs, newts, waterboatman and maybe even a grass snake or two!

Monks Dam

Oswald, a stone monument on the ancient monastic dam to Oswald the Monk who lived in the Cistercian Abbey that existed between 900 - 450 years ago.

The Poplar Woods

A really sun filled and open woodland full of wildflowers and butterflies. Look out for woodpecker holes in tree trunks and signs of badgers.

Poachers Dam

The dam was built in 1995 to create a water feature in the Bee Gully that is now home to many Dragon and Damsel flies, Frogs, Toads Smooth newts and Great Crested newts.

Golf Course Wood / Fairy Dell

Fairy houses in and around the fairy dell in the golf course wood.

The Witches House

The witch's house, where Daisy the kind white witch lives in the woods. If you dare peek through the windows and spy holes in the front door you may just see if she is at home.

Bee Gulley

Another disused quarry rich in wildlife. This quarry, however can only be viewed from the path leading to the Golf Course woods as it is out of bounds to protect the many rare orchids, wildflowers, butterflies and great crested newts that are found here.


The paddocks set at the heart of the farm park are where you can see flocks of sheep, rare breeds of cattle, goats and ponies.